Nature's Health Food

Maple Syrup

Old-Fashioned Methods

It might seem old-fashioned, but we still bundle up, walk through the woods, and put taps in our trees, one by one.​ These trees have been a part of our family for over 60 years, and our friends say they make the best syrup. Once we've harvested our sap, we work with Amish experts who use old fashioned ways to cook the sap down. ​Once you've tasted pure syrup, it's impossible to go back.

Made to Perfection

Temperature plays a huge role in the rich flavor we've built our reputation on. One degree too hot, and maple syrup turns to rock candy.​ One degree too cold, and the texture is off. Precise temperature is important to us so that we can bring you maximum flavor and freshness. Finally, we hand-bottle and seal our maple syrup in glass bottles. We preserve the flavor - you get to enjoy it!

All-Natural. No preservatives.

Unlike fake "syrup," our 100% pure, authentic maple syrup doesn't have preservatives, sugar, or nasty chemicals. So please refrigerate it after opening.